MLA Beef Onion and Mushroom Pies

  • Prep time 30Min
  • Cook time 1Hr
  • Technique Broil, Stew, Grill
  • Meat Beef
  • Cut Clod/Chuck
  • Serves 12

Check out our easy-to-make, delicious natural beef recipes, like this one for Beef Onion and Mushroom Pies.


1½ pounds Australian beef stew meat, cubed
2 tablespoons olive oil
salt and pepper
1 large onion, chopped
1 pound mushrooms, cut into pieces
¾ cup red wine
¾ cup beef stock
sheets of prepared pastry, as needed
egg wash or milk to brush on pastry


Add 1 tablespoon oil to a hot fry pan and brown the cubed beef in small batches, so they don’t stew in the juices. Add salt and pepper to taste while browning. Place browned batches into a separate bowl.

Meanwhile, add 1 tablespoon oil to another hot pan and sauté onions until translucent, not brown. Then add the mushroom pieces and sauté 1 or 2 minutes more to soften.

Add browned beef to the pan and stir together. Then deglaze the pan with the red wine and beef stock, scraping all the bits of flavor from the bottom of the pan. Bring the mixture to a boil, reduce heat, cover and simmer approximately 1 hour, stirring occasionally.

Cut out the prepared pastry to cover the ramekin(s), leaving a little extra around the edge for shaping. Slice 3 or 4 slits in the center to release steam.

Ladle the warm mixture into one or more ramekins. Cover with the pastry and shape the edges. Brush the pastry with egg wash or milk. Bake in a 425°F oven for about 12 minutes to brown the pastry.