By Chef Edward Siew Stewed Pineapple Lamb With Honey Glazed Sauce, Anchovies and Onion Pie

  • Prep time 3Hr
  • Cook time 1Hr
  • Technique Stew
  • Meat Lamb
  • Cut Leg
  • Serves 4

Sweet, savoury and umami, here is a delicious pie with bold Chinese flavours, tender-cooked Lamb Leg and a crust that is packed with punchy ingredients like anchovies and aromatics.


250gm Lamb leg (cut into small pieces)

50gm Fat

100gm Ripe pineapple (minced)

35gm Honey glazed sauce


For the honey-glazed sauce

240gm Water

280gm Sugar

80gm Black vinegar

100ml White vinegar

140ml Soy sauce

½ Teaspoon black soy sauce


For the pie dough

150gm Wheat flour

1 egg

50gm Anchovies (blended to a paste)

½ Teaspoon black pepper

30gm Oil

30gm Spring onion

10gm Sugar

30gm Ginger

½ Teaspoon salt

150ml Water


For the lamb filling

1. Mixed all of the ingredients for the lamb except the honey-glazed sauce, keep aside for 20 minutes and then steam cook the mixture for 20 minutes. 

2. Placed the steamed lamb into a clean claypot and cook for 5 minutes

3. Add honey glazed sauce into the claypot and continue to cook till the sauce reduces and the lamb absorbs all of the flavours. Set aside. 


For the honey-glazed sauce

1. Mixed all of the sauce ingredients and cook for 20 minutes. Keep aside until ready for use. 


For the pies

1. Mix all of the ingredients for the pie dough on a non-stick pan until it forms a dough

2. Place dough into a pie mould and compress with another mould to form pie shapes.

3. Deep fry each pie base until golden and crispy.

4. Place the cooked minced lamb filling into each pie mould and serve.